Claire Dominguez grew up in Miami and the Dominican Republic. In Miami, she attended La Salle, a private performing arts school, where she studied Ballet, Flamenco, and a number of other dance forms, as well as theater. She earned her bachelors from Florida International University, and then headed to NYU’s Stern School of Business with the intention of earning a graduate degree in finance. It was there, however, that she came to realize that acting was her true passion. At this point, she enrolled at New York City’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts and hasn’t looked back since.Claire is fluent in Spanish, which has landed her voiceover opportunities for the U.S. Coastguard, Army National Guard, Benadril and others. She’s also landed roles in TV commercials for “Cointreau Liquor” alongside Dita Von Tess. Currently, Claire studies with Gregory Berger-Sobeck, and attends regular classes at the Upright Citizens Briade (NYC). Claire’s outgoing personality and spot-on comedic timing shines through in all of her work, and is said to be able to “paint the color of emotion” through her craft.
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